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What we do
At Deekay, we regard the client as our number one priority. Our aim is to take away the stress of handling your properties by dealing with the day to day management issues, leaving clients with more time to concentrate on other areas of their business.

Deekay manages a wide range of properties including retail and industrial units, industrial estates, high street shopping parades and rural business parks.

Our close working relationships with affiliated solicitors and accounting firms aid us to provide a quick and efficient service. Our team gives a friendly and efficient service to all our clients, and our management experience ensures that we consistently maintain and deliver the service that is essential in maintaining your investment.
Our services include:
•   Rent demand and collection
•   Liaising with accountants, solicitors, tax consultants, surveyors and tenants
•   Organising property insurance
•   Lease renewals
•   Assigning, Letting and Subletting
•   Preparations of end of year accounts
•   Site visits
•   Health & Safety
In the current economic climate, we believe that property ownership should be a partnership between landlord and tenant. We the management team, acting as a link between the parties, are always aiming to optimise the clients' investment value of property by secure rental flow and steady capital improvement.

We like to think that the personal service we provide is second to none due to the fact that some of our clients have been with us from the very beginning.

We are proud to report that we have clients that we have serviced since incorporation and continue to work their portfolio from strength to strength.
Deekay Management Limited
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